Chapter 22- Section 2- Group 3

  1. Which Austrian territory did Bismarck promise to give Italy if they allied with Prussia against Austria?  
  2. What was the war called in which Prussia and Italy fought against Austria for the state of Holstein? (start with "the")  
  3. Which two inventions did the Prussians use against the Austrians in the Seven Weeks' War? (alphabetically; ("?; ?")  
  4. What was the name of the treaty that ended the Seven Weeks' War by giving Holstein to Prussia and Venetia to Italy?  
  5. What did several other northern German states unite with Prussia to form?  
  6. The king of which nation was hereditary president of the Confederation?  
  7. Which three southern states remained outside of Prussia's influence? (alphabetically; "?; ?; ?")  
  8. Who did the Spaniards offer the Spanish throne to?  
  9. What was Leopold in relation to the king of Prussia? (ex. "aunt")  
10. Who took a strong stand against Leopold becoming king?  

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1. Venetia
2. the Seven Weeks' War
3. telegraph; train
4. Treaty of Prague
5. North German Confederation
6. Prussia
7. Baden; Bavaria; Wurttemberg
8. Leopold
9. cousin
10. Napoleon III