Chapter 22- Section 2- Group 4

  1. Leopold and the king of Prussia were both part of which family? (one word)  
  2. After Leopold turned down the Spanish throne, which ruler of Prussia did Napoleon III want to pledge publicly that no member of the Hohenzollern family would ever be a candidate for the Spanish throne?  
  3. In which resort did the French ambassador deliver the French demand to King William?  
  4. After Bismarck made the French angry with Prussia and the southern German states angry with the French, which war started?  
  5. Who won the Franco-Prussian War?  
  6. In which palace did repersentatives of the allied German states meet to declare the formation of the German Empire? Where in this palace did this take place? ("?; ?")  
  7. The German Empire now included all of the German states except which one?  
  8. What Prussian capital now became the capital of the new empire?  
  9. What king of Prussia was proclaimed German emperor?  
10. What title was given to Bismarck?  

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1. Hohenzollern
2. William I
3. Ems
4. Franco-Prussian War
5. Prussia
6. Versailles; Hall of Mirrors
7. Austria
8. Berlin
9. William I
10. chancellor