Chapter 22- Section 3- Group 1

  1. What did Bismarck initiate in which Germany passed strict laws to control the Catholic clergy and Catholic schools?  
  2. What does "Kulturkampf" mean in German?  
  3. Which group did the Kulturkampf laws expel?  
  4. What was the name of the German valley where a huge steel industry developed? ("? valley")  
  5. There were great deposits of what two materials in the Ruhr valley? (alphabetically; "?; ?")  
  6. What group did the German socialists form?  
  7. In which house of the legislative branch did the Social Democratic Party have members?  
  8. How many members of the Social Democratic Party were in the Reichstag in 1871? 1877? 1884? (ex. "1; 2; 3")  
  9. How many votes did the Social Democrats have in the election of 1877, that triggered Bismarck to decide to use all his power to fight them? (ex. "123")  
10. What was the name of Bismarck's policy in which he gave the Social Democrats what they want in order to to give people less reason to join the socialists?  

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1. Kulturkampf
2. war of civilization
3. Jesuits
4. Ruhr valley
5. coal; iron
6. Social Democratic Party
7. Reichstag
8. 2; 12; 24
9. 500,000
10. stealing the socialists' thunder