Chapter 22- Section 4- Group 1

  1. Which nation had the largest territory and population of any other European nation in the mid-1800s?  
  2. Which two areas did Russia try to control in order to win access to the Mediterranean Sea? (alphabetically; "?; ?")  
  3. Which empire controlled Dardanelles?  
  4. How many groups was the European part of Russia divided into? (ex. "123")  
  5. What were the people of northern and souther  
  6. What were the people that lived in central and northern Russia called?  
  7. What were the people that lived in southern Russia called?  
  8. What were the people that lived in western Russia called?  
  9. What religion were most Russians? ("? Christian")  
10. What is the term for one who holds absolute power of a nation, like the czar of Russia?  

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1. Russia
2. Constantinople; Dardanelles
3. Ottoman Empire
4. 3
5. Great Russians
6. Great Russians
7. Ukrainians
8. White Russians
9. Orthodox Christian
10. autocrat