Chapter 22- Section 4- Group 2

1. Nationalistic ideas appealed greatly to which two Russian minorities? ("?; ?")
2. The Russian government censored speech and the rpess and rejected all demands for a constitution to counteract what?
3. Who was the czar of Russia in the 1830s?
4. What program did Nicholas I begin that forced al non-Russians people in the empire to use the Russian language, accept the Orthodox religion, and adopt Russian customs?
5. What was the union of all Slavic people under Russian leadership called?
6. In which war did the Russians lose a lot of territory?
7. What practice was still present in Russia in the 1800s?
8. After who's reign were serfs bound to persons and not to land?
9. What was the group of government employees called? (three words, plural)
10. What act freed all serfs?

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1. Poles; Finns
2. liberalism
3. Nicholas I
4. Russification
5. Pan-Slavism
6. Crimean War
7. Serfdom
8. Peter the Great
9. enlightened state bureaucrats
10. Emancipation Edict