Chapter 22- Section 4- Group 3

  1. Who enacted the Emancipation Edict?  
  2. What were the people who wanted to abolish the whole political and social structure and bild a completely new Russia called? (plural)  
  3. What Latin word does the word "Nihilists" come from? What does this word mean? ("?; ?")  
  4. Which group urged its followers to live among peasants as teachers and doctors and believed that all the large estates of the nobles should be seized and the land divided among the peasants?  
  5. Whent he government arrested many Populists, what was the name of the movement many Russian radicals joined?  
  6. What is the bombing and assassination of high officials by political groups called?  
  7. Which Russian czar was assassinated?  
  8. Who was Allexander II's successor?  
  9. Who helped Nicholas II use every available means to stamp out liberalism?  
10. Which people did Nicholas II and Alexander III persecute? (plural)  

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1. Alexander II
2. Nihilists
3. nihil; nothing
4. Populists
5. People's Will
6. terrorism
7. Alexander II
8. Nicholas II
9. Alexander III
10. Jews