Chapter 22- Section 4- Group 4

  1. What were these massacres of jews called? (plural)  
  2. What was the slogan of Nicholas II and Russia at that time?  
  3. When the socialists founded the Social Democratic Labor Party, what was it an imitation of?  
  4. Which country did Russia go to war with in 1904 and 1905?  
  5. What was this war called?  
  6. Which country won this war? (Japan or Russia?)  
  7. What was the name of the day in which the czar's troops shot at a group of unarmed strikers on their way to deliver a petition to the czar?  
  8. What day was Bloody Sunday on? (ex. "January 1, 1234")  
  9. What was the name of the revolution that Bloody Sunday caused?  
10. What decree did the czar issue in response to the Revolution of 1905 that guaranteed individual liberties and provivded for the election of a parliament?  

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1. pogroms
2. One Czar, One Church, One Language
3. German Social Democratic Party
4. Japan
5. Russo-Japanese War
6. Japan
7. Bloody Sunday
8. January 22, 1905
9. Revolution of 1905
10. October Manifesto