Chapter 22- Section 5- Group 1

  1. Fil in the blanks: "When ____ sneezes, all Europe catches ____." ("?; ?")  
  2. Which Austrian leader said this?  
  3. What was Metternich's title in the Austrian Empire?  
  4. Who was the emperor of Austria that ordered Metternich to resign?  
  5. For how many years did Metternich dominated European affairs? ("more than ? years")  
  6. Who replaced Ferdinand when he abdicated the throne?  
  7. How old was Joseph when he took the thron? (ex, "123")  
  8. Where did the uprising take place that forced Metternich to resign?  
  9. Which place is one of the largest parts of the Austrain Empire and had uprisings?  
10. What is the term for the people who are descendants of the nomadic warrior group that migrated to Hungary from Russia and Romania? (plural)  

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1. France; cold
2. Metternich
3. chief minister
4. Ferdinand
5. more than 30 years
6. Joseph I
7. 18
8. Vienna
9. Hungary
10. Magyars