Chapter 22- Section 5- Group 2

  1. Which Hungarian patriot led a revolt in Hungary?  
  2. What was this revolt called?  
  3. What title was Kossuth elected to receive?  
  4. Which group gave Kossuth this title?  
  5. Which country assisted the Austrians in defeating this revolution?  
  6. Who was the czar that offered help because he feared the revolt might spread into Russian Poland?  
  7. What did Austria form to deal with Hungarians demand of more freedom after Austria's war with Prussia? What else is it called? ("?; ?")  
  8. Who was the common ruler of the Dual Monarchy?  
  9. What was Joseph I's title in Austria? Hungary? ("? of Austria; ? of Hungary")  
10. What three ministries conducted government business for the Dual Monarchy? (alphabetically; "?; ?; ?")  

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1. Kossuth
2. Revolution of 1848
3. responsible governor president
4. Hungarian Diet
5. Russia
6. Nicholas I
7. Dual Monarchy; Austria-Hungary
8. Joseph I
9. Emperor of Austria; King of Hungary
10. finance; foreign affairs; war