Chapter 22- Section 5- Group 4

  1. Which country supported Balkan nationalists?  
  2. What religion were the Russians mostly? ("? Christian")  
  3. Which country decided to support the rebels and declare war on the Ottoman Empire?  
  4. Which country won this war?  
  5. Which treaty ended this war?  
  6. Which countries did this treaty give independence to? (alphabetically)  
  7. Which enlarged area did the treaty create that the Russian troops occupied for some years?  
  8. To which sea did the boundaries of Bulgaria extend to?  
  9. A group of nations led by Great Britain and Austria forced the Russians to constent to an international conference where?  
10. What was this conference called?  

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1. Russia
2. Orthodox Christian
3. Russia
4. Ottoman Empire
5. Treaty of San Stefano
6. Montenegro; Romania; Serbia
7. Bulgaria
8. Aegean Sea
9. Berlin
10. Congress of Berlin