Chapter 22- Section 5- Group 5

  1. What two areas did the Congress of Berlin allow Austria to govern as long as they didn't annex them? (alphabetically; "?; ?")  
  2. Which island were the British given the right to occupy and administer?  
  3. Which islands did Italy seize in the southeastern Aegean Sea?  
  4. Which country annexed Crete?  
  5. What group was formed that declared war on the Ottoman Empire?  
  6. What countries did the Balkan League consist of? (alphabetically)  
  7. Who won? (Baltan League or Ottoman Empire?)  
  8. Which country did Serbia, Greece, Montenegro, Romania, and the Ottoman Empire defeat?  
  9. Which country became independent because of the war between the Balkan Leauge and the Ottoman Empire?  

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1. Bosnia; Herzegovina
2. Cyprus
3. Rhodes
4. Greece
5. Balkan League
6. Bulgaria; Greece; Montenegro; Serbia
7. Baltan League
8. Bulgaria
9. Albania
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