History Chapter 22 Practice Test
Test Tuesday, May 10, 2005
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Note: If you take this practice test, be sure to read the chapter as well. This test will not prepare you for the essay or true/false portion of the test. If the answer is a name of a person, ONLY put the last name. Your answer must match perfectly (with the exception of case) in order for it to be marked correct. The entire test is divided into groups with 10 or less questions each group. When you have inputed your answer for all questions in a group, click on the "Finished" button. Your score will show up in the box next to the "Finished" button and correct answers will receive a check. Please ignore the "Close" button. The answers appear at the bottom of the page. Some questions have a note in parenthesis to prevent another form of the correct answer from being marked incorrect.

Chapter 21- Section 1- Group 1

  1. What was the nationalistic movement with the goal of liberation and unification known as?  
  2. What does Risorgimento mean in Italian?  
  3. What secret society was formed to support the risorgimento movement?  
  4. Who was one of the most famous members of the Carbonari who greatly influenced later Italian history?  
  5. Mazzini was imprisoned and exiled because of his part in a uprising that was held where?  
  6. What was the name of the movement made to spread the ideals of the Risorgiment that Mazzini was part of?  
  7. Which three countries did the liberals and nationalist force to grant constitutions? (?; ?; ?)  
  8. Which city did the revolutionaries seize and allow Mazzini and two other leaders to govern?  
  9. How many of the revolutionary movements didn't fail? In which place(s) did the movement(s) not fail? (ex. "9; Russia, United States")  
10. Which group of people wanted a federation of Italian states headed by the pope?  

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1. Risorgimento
2. resurgence
3. Carbonari
4. Mazzini
5. Sardinia
6. Young Italy
7. Kingdom of the Two Sicilies; Sardinia; Tuscany
8. Rome
9. 1; Sardinia
10. Catholic clergy