History Chapter 24 Practice Test
Test Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Note: Actual test will include parts of Chapter 23 Section 6, which I am not providing for.
Approximately 220 Questions
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Note: If you take this practice test, be sure to read the chapter as well. This test will not prepare you for the essay or true/false portion of the test. If the answer is a name of a person, ONLY put the last name. Your answer must match perfectly (with the exception of case) in order for it to be marked correct. The entire test is divided into groups with 10 or less questions each group. When you have inputed your answer for all questions in a group, click on the "Finished" button. Your score will show up in the box next to the "Finished" button and correct answers will receive a check. Please ignore the "Close" button. The answers appear at the bottom of the page. Some questions have a note in parenthesis to prevent another form of the correct answer from being marked incorrect.

Chapter 24- Section 1- Group 1

  1. Which novel describes a German soldier's feelings upon the death of an enemy?  
  2. Who wrote this novel?  
  3. Some historians have referred to the decades before 1914 as a period of what?  
  4. Which piece of writing describes an event in England that temporarily brought the European nations together and marked a transition between the old and the new?  
  5. Who wrote this piece?  
  6. Which four factors pressed the great powers forward towards war? (alphabetically; "?; ?; ?; ?")  
  7. What word means the glorification of armed strength?  
  8. What word means the organizing of resources for combat?  
  9. Who was the skillful and ruthless German chancellor at this time?  
10. Bismarck feared that France would seek revenge for its defeat in what war?  

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1. All Quiet on the Western Front
2. Remarque
3. international anarchy
4. The Guns of August
5. Tuchman
6. imperialism; militarism; nationalism; system of alliances
7. militarism
8. mobilization
9. Bismarck
10. Franco-Prussian War