History Chapter 25 (no Section 1-2) Practice Test
Test Wednesday, June 1, 2005
Approximately 220 Questions
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Note: If you take this practice test, be sure to read the chapter as well. This test will not prepare you for the essay or true/false portion of the test. If the answer is a name of a person, ONLY put the last name. Your answer must match perfectly (with the exception of case) in order for it to be marked correct. The entire test is divided into groups with 10 or less questions each group. When you have inputed your answer for all questions in a group, click on the "Finished" button. Your score will show up in the box next to the "Finished" button and correct answers will receive a check. Please ignore the "Close" button. The answers appear at the bottom of the page. Some questions have a note in parenthesis to prevent another form of the correct answer from being marked incorrect.

Chapter 25- Section 3- Group 1

1. What is an economy in which governmental regulation and direction of national resources is established to achieve economic stability called? ("? economy")
2. Which nation is an example of a nation that set up its government more in imitation of Western systems than because of any deep devotion to democratic principles?
3. How many times in how many years had the Germans invaded France? (ex. "once in less than 7 years")
4. What were the fortifications that the French made to protect against the Germans made out of? (alphabetically; "?; ?")
5. How long was this fortification?
6. This fortification ran along the borders of where and where? (alphabetically; "?; ?")
7. What was this extensive line of fortifications called?
8. When Germany informed the Allies that it couldn't pay its debt, which two countries marched troops into a valley held by the Germans? (alphabetically; "?; ?")
9. Which nation objected to Belgium's and France's actions?
10. Which valley did Belgium and France march troops into? ("? Valley")

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1. planned economy
2. Poland
3. twice in less than 50 years
4. concrete; steel
5. 200 miles
6. Germany; Luxembourg
7. Maginot Line
8. Belgium; France
9. Great Britain
10. Ruhr Valley