Anne Frank Vocabulary
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1. carillon- (n) a stationary set of bells in a tower: Anne knew she had to stop making any noise when she heard the chime of the carillon.

2. compassionate- (adj) feeling or showing sympathy: Miep will always be admired for her compassionate attitude to Mr. Frank and his family and friends.

3. conspicuous- (adj) obvious; noticeable; attracting attention: The yellow star of David was conspicuous on all of the Franks' clothing.

4. deport- (v) to send out of the country; to exile: The Nazi government was going to deport Miep to Austria.

5. dignified- (adj) showing pride and self-respect: Anne remained dignified in spite of the embarrassing incident of spilling milk on Mrs. Van Daan's fur coat.

6. endanger- (v) to expose to danger; to threat with harm: By screaming in the middle of the night, Anne endangered everyone hiding in the attic.

7. extravagant- (adj) exceeding a normall or reasonable limit; immoderate; excessive: Mrs. Van Daan paid an extravagant price for her fur coat.

8. fatalist- (n) one who believes all events are determined by fate and cannot be avoided.

9. gratitude- (n) appreciation; thankfulness: To show her gratitude for all that Miep and Mr. Kraler were doing for her and her family, Anne invited them to the Annex for dinner.

10. humiliate- (v) to lower the pride, dignity or self-respect of a person; to degrade: Peter asked his father not to humiliate him in front of Anne by constantly talking about his lack of interest in education.

11. jubilation- (n) a joyful or festive celebration: The end of the war was a time of great jubilation.

12. ostentatious- (adj) showy; pretentious: Mrs. Van Daan wore her fur coat in an ostentatious manner.

13. persistent- (adj) continuous; without stopping; determined: Mr. Dussel's persistent knocking on the bathroom door irritated Anne every morning.

14. random- (adj) by chance; not in any particular order: A random sample of the students' responses was taken.

15. sanctify- (v) to make sacred by a religious rite; to bless: The priest performed a ritual which was meant to sanctify the offering.

16. subdue- (v) to make less intense or extreme; to tone down; to control: Peter's loving and gentle voice could always subdue Anne's anger.

17. sustain- (v) to support; to stengthen; to encourage: In her prayers, Anne asked God to sustain all the Jews in Nazi camps and help them survive.

18. swarm- (v) to be filled or crowded: Amsterdam's movie theaters swarm with children every Sunday.

19. tyranny- (n) an oppressive and junjust government: In a free and democratic country, the constitutino is designed to prevent tyranny at all levels of government.

20. zealous- (adj) full of enthusiasm or extreme devotion: Mr. Frank's zeal for life helped him survive the Nazi concentration camps.