Diary of Anne Frank Study Guide
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People, Dates and Places
Anne Frank June 12, 1929 Frankfurt, Germany early March 1945 Bergen-Belsen
Otto Frank (Anne's Father) May 12, 1889 Frankfurt, Germany liberated on Jan 27, 1945 liberated from Auschwitz
Adolf Hitler April 20, 1889 (day of hate) Austria commits suicide April 30, 1945 Berlin
Edith Frank (Anne's Mother) January 16, 1900 Aachen, Germany January 1945 Auschwitz
Margot Frank (Anne's Older Sister) February 16, 1926 Frankfurt, Germany late February 1945 Bergen-Belsen
Mr. Van Daan March 31, 1890 Gehrde, Germany September 6, 1944 Auschwitz
Peter Van Daan November 8, 1926 Onasbrak, Germany May 5, 1945 Mauthausen
Albert Dussel (Fritz Pfeffer) April 30, 1889 Giessen Germany December 20, 1944 Neugengamne
Mr. Kraler (Mr. Kugler) ? ? escaped, died 1981 Toronto, Canada
Miep Gies ? ? still alive ?
Mrs. Van Daan September 29, 1900 Buer, Germany Spring of 1945 Theresienstadt
?= unknown; If you are sure of the answer, please e-mail me at
Dates in bold are the most important.

April 24, 1915- most educated, rich Amrmenians in the Ottoman Empire died in the Armenian Genocide on this day. This day is the day of remembrance for the Armenian genocide.

November 9, 1938- Kristallnacht on which the Nazis looted stores, burned synagogues, arrested thousands, and killed more than 90 jews.

January 30, 1933- Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany

July 2, 1941- Hitler ordered to kill all Jews

July 6, 1942 Franks go into hiding.

August 20, 1942 - February 2, 1943- Battle of Stalingrad.

January 18, 1943- Holocaust death camp revolt

November 28, 1943- Terhan Conference between Stalin, Churchil, and Roosevelt

June 6, 1944- D-day allied forces landed on coast of Normandy

August 4, 1944- Residents of the Secret Annex were captured and taken to a police station in Amsterdam.

Concentration/Death Camps
Bergen-Belsen (Anne and Margot Frank die)
Neugengamne (Mr. Dussel dies)
Auschwitz (Mrs. Frank and Mr. Van Daan die)
Theresienstadt (Mrs. Van Daan dies)

Points to Remember
Executive Order #9066 gave the US army reason to intern Japanese

Armenian Genocide (1915-1918)
Japanese Internment (1942-1944)
Bosnian Civil War (1992-1995)

1st Reich- Holy Roman Empire
2nd Reich- German Empire
3rd Reich- Nazi Empire

Ration books allow purchase of food. There are 8 people in the attic, with not enough ration books.

Anne names her diary Kitty because she misses her cat.

Pim is Mr. Frank.

Anne writes from her point of view, in a way that makes Dussel seem evil.

Margot is not jealous of Anne and Peter. She wants a boy that's good for her.

Anne tried to get Peter to say how he feels of her.

"'Dear Diary, since you and I are going to be great friends, I will start by telling you about myself. My name is Anne Frank. I am thirteen years old. I was born in Germany the twelfth of June, nineteen twenty-nine. As my family is Jewish, we emigrated to Holland when Hitler came to power.'"
-Mr. Frank reading Anne's Diary (Act 1 Scene 1)

"As she pulls off her star, the cloth underneath shows clearly the color and form of the star."
-Narrator (Act 1 Scene 2) symoblizes Anne is still a jew

"Never...? Not even at nighttime, when everyone is gone? Or on Sundays? Can't I go down to listen to the radio?"
-Anne (Act 1 Scene 2) Anne relizes what's happening is serious

"I have a nicer side, Father...a sweeter, nicer side. but I'm scared to show it. I'm afraid that people are going to laugh at me if I'm serious. So the mean Anne comes to the outside and the good Anne stays on the inside, and I keep on trying to switch them around and have the good Anne outside and the bad Anne inside and be what I'd like to be...and might be...if only...only..."
-Anne (Act 1 Scene 4) internal conflict between good and bad

"It'll pass, maybe not for hundreds of years, but some day...I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are really good at heart."
-Anne (Act 2 Scene 4) Theme of the Book: hope

"We hear the thud of gun butts on the door, trying to break it down. Anne stands, holding her school satchel, looking over at her father and mother with a soft, reassuring smile. She is no longer a child, but a woman with courage to meet whatever lies ahead."
-Narrator (Act 2 Scene 4) climax