What is TOMERNOTES Postables?

TOMERNOTES Postables is a special branch of TOMERNOTES that allows the opportunity for any members of the Highly Gifted Magnet to publicize their study guides or other study material.

How do I submit study material?

The methods by which TOMERNOTES will accept your study material for posting are (in order of preference):

1. E-mail (postables@tomernotes.com)
2. AIM file transfer (ask someone for my SN)

In what format do you want my file?

Although the primary file format accepted will be .DOC, various other forms will qualify as well (ie. HTML code for a practice test).

The title of your submitted file needs to be in the following format:

Grade level - Class (Teacher) - First name and last initial - Title

For example:

Juniors - AP US History (Toy) - Tomer O - Chapter 25 Summary.doc

OtherMultiGrade - H Algebra II - John D - Chapter 7 Formulas.pdf

Use plural grade level names, full class names or common abbreviations, only teacher last names, your name with proper capitalizations and no period after the last initial, and a descriptive title. Please follow the format or it won't be posted. Follow the examples.

Be advised

By sending your study material to TOMERNOTES, you give TOMERNOTES full rights to your study material, including but not limited to the right to edit, post, repost and remove your submission. TOMERNOTES also reserves the right to refuse any submissions. Low quality study materials or study materials with frequent inaccuracies, false analysis or interpretations, or a lack of organization will not be posted. Your first name and last initial will be posted next to the link to your work (unless otherwise requested). DO NOT send anybody else's work. DO NOT send incomplete study material (unless otherwise requested).

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